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Five different ways of mole removal

Let's now talk about the different ways there are to remove moles.  There are at least five different ways to go about mole removal and most of these...


Let’s now talk about the different ways there are to remove moles.  There are at least five different ways to go about mole removal and most of these will be offered by a dermatologist or surgeon.

  • Incision with stitches
  • Incision with cauterization
  • Shaving
  • Laser mole removal
  • Natural remedies

Now on to the details!

Incision with stitches

This is the most common method of removing moles and involves the surgeon cutting out the mole and a small part of the surrounding area with the wound then being stitched up and left to heal.  This method has a tendency to leave a mole removal scar but it will fade with time.  My wife has had a number of moles surgically removed through mole removal surgery and the eventual outcome is fine.  If your mole has been identified as cancerous incision with stitches is method they will use to remove it.

Incision with cauterization

This method burns the mole off close to the skin.  Cauterization has the added benefit of stopping bleeding and preventing infection.  In fact cauterization used to be extremely popular before the invention and creation of antibiotics.  The main benefit is that there is a less likely chance of scarring, which for many people is desirable especially for facial mole removal.


This method uses a knife to shave the mole off in layers back to the skin whilst at the same time cauterizing the wound.  This option is only recommended for benign moles as moles are not just above the skin but under it.  By shaving you are not removing the part of the mole that is under the skin so it could grow back and if it is cancerous you have not removed it.

Laser mole removal

Probably not the most effective method of mole removal and is only used in a very small number of cases.  This is due to the fact that the laser light can only penetrate the skin to a certain depth so for large or raised moles it is ineffective.  It usually results in the least scarring though so as the technology improves I can see more and more people using this option.  Lasers are also used in tattoo removal and work by breaking down the tattoo ink which the body then absorbs.

Natural remedies

The last method attempts to use natural remedies to remove your moles, which I believe is a bit hit and miss.  So what are some natural remedies?  Will here are some ideas I have read on the internet: the juice of various fruits applied to the mole, crushed garlic, baking powder and castor oil to name just a few.  There are a few shonky people out there who sell ebooks promising to show you natural ways to remove moles but don’t buy them!  Let’s be honest, if your mole is in any way cancerous do you want to be mucking around with some natural remedy not knowing if it is working and perhaps wasting time and allowing the cancer to spread?  I wouldn’t!


So as we can see there are lots of different ways to have your mole removed.  You will need to consult your local doctor or dermatologist to see which mole removal procedure is best suited for your needs.  You don’t need plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.  If you are unsure whether you need to even have your mole removed check out my post Should I consider mole removal or is my mole normal?